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 In order to help those in our extended family who have dry or  sensitive skin, acne or its scarring,  as well as those who have challenges of dealing with thick , curly or frizzy coarse hair.

We (myself and husband who is a Scientist) were inspired to formulate products and subsequently launched the Monshea brand.

Our product range is unique. It is made from Shea nut oil. this has the same fatty acids as Argan oil but in different proportions.. Customers are immediately impressed how absorbing , moisturising  and long lasting our products are.

Our range is limited but multi purpose,  chosen with ingredients that will help both your skin and hair. Most of the range can be used by the whole family as it is never too late to encourage good skin care. Although those under the age of 3 should not be using essential oils.

We source our raw ingredients directly from  suppliers in Ghana. These suppliers belong to an organisation  (like we do )that promotes sustainable initiatives and support the Shea pickers with different schemes and training to boost their incomes and give them collective bargaining power.

We personally want to contribute to improving the wealth of our African traders. We follow fair trade ethics by working with independent soap makers by accepting and  purchasing  soaps at their requested price and ensuring they have maximum profit as we do not use a middle man.

We support your goal of having or maintaining healthy skin, that is soft, smooth and even toned, that glows . to also have your colour treated , curly, afro or menopause hair glisten, by providing  products that are not only  extremely moisturising but are also anti- ageing and anti inflammatory with our  luxury award winning range.

  Your support by investing in the Monshea range  , will extend to contributing  to the business success of   our African suppliers & makers