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Our multi purpose rich, moisturising range is now available in a white wooden gift box for the whole family to share. 

There is something for everyone, would you like a moisturising face oil that has anti ageing benefits? Then try Monshea shea oil with ylang ylang or Monshea Shea butter.

Do you have a dry scalp then try the Scalp oil.

Has you hair lost it sheen due to the use of straighteners, blow dryers or colouring? The use some of the Pure shea oil directly on your hair daily or prior or as hair mask.

Do you have sensitive skin and want to use un fragranced natural products? Then you would love the Pure shea oil which you can also use as a facial cleanser and face and body moisturising oil.

Do you have someone in the family with acne. I recommend Monshea black soap you will get impressive results!

Our gift box contains

African liquid black soap                      6.99

250 ml Pure shea oil                13.99               

125 ml Shea oil with ylang ylang          9.99

125 ml   Scalp oil                                      9.99

125ml  Shea oil with ylangylang              8.99

Black soap                                                 4.99

Price  £45.95                                     

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