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  • Do you have Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCA)?

    CCA is a bald patch that appears on the crown of your head.

    The scalp in this area may look shiny is scarred, and the hair follicles may or may not be destroyed.

  • Action for Shea Parklands

    If you love Shea butter or Shea oil you should be interested in the future of Shea parklands. Shea parklands produce the Shea nuts that shea butter and shea oil comes from. These parklands are now under threat.
  • Ylang Ylang benefits for your dry skin and hair

    These days we are more ingredient conscious. We examine food  labels before we select food items that will end up  in our stomachs. Well what ingre...
  • Covid-19 : How to prevent your hands from getting dry,

    A strict hand washing or hand sanitizing regime is regarded as an important step to minimise the spread of some viruses. However, the outcome of this routine can be dry or sore hands. What can you do to prevent your hands from getting dry?
  • Why are moisturised hands important?

    Why are moisturised hands important? Now more than ever before in our lifetime, we are focussed on maintaining an excellent  hand hygiene routine....
  • 27 reasons to love Pure Shea Oil.

    I have been making products with Pure shea oil for nearly 10 years. I have discovered that many people still do not know what it  shea oil is,  or the benefits of using Shea oil. I want to shout out about these benefits and share them with you
  • 12 Psoriasis treatments | Natural remedies for dry & irritated skin

    If you have been diagnosed as having psoriasis by your GP,  would have  been offered psoriasis treatments that contain chemicals that may irritate your skin. Are there natural remedies that you can experiment with also which can help to control symptoms?
  • How to choose a good moisturiser for your dry skin?

    How to choose the right moisturizer for your dry skin? If you are using a good moisturizer it will not only prevent your skin from being dry it will keep your skin soft and smooth
  • How to prevent dry skin on your face, for baby & during pregnancy

    Dry Skin & Its Causes

    The causes of dry skin can be divided into External factors and Internal factors. Let us look at the causes of dry skin:

    • Soap contains surfactant which means it  can remove our natural sebum ie the natural oils.  The more skin is scrubbed with soap and hard sponges or wash nets, the more oil is removed resulting in ……yes dry skin!



    We come into contact with a range of toxins numerous times every day, as toxins are given off from common products eg paint, cleaning products, skin or hair products, car fumes.
  • Authentic African Black soap

    Do you love African Black soap?

    Does the brand  of African black soap you currently use make your skin burn, or leaves it really dry?

    Or maybe you have not tried it before but you have oily skin that is prone to spots?. .Or having washed your skin do you feel residue of soap still left on your face.
  • Is water causing you to have dry skin or dry lifeless hair?

    Do you go to a lot of effort to ensure that your skin is hydrated, glowing and youthful, and your hair is luscious and shining?    Was you aware th...