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Why is my mixed heritage, afro hair & curly hair so frizzy?


Okay we are blessed with the privilege of curly hair, but what causes curly hair to go frizzy? Is there something we acan do or stop doing that help minimise frizziness? Well read on...

What causes frizzy hair?

The outer layer of our hair strand is called the cuticle. These look like scales. The role of the cuticle that is made from the protein keratin is to protect the hair.

In straight hair the cuticles are generally flat when your hair is frizzy the cuticle is raised. In order for you to reduce frizziness in your hair, you have to aim for practices and products that will keep your  hair cuticles closed.


Why is my hair so frizzy?

If the cuticles or scales of your hair are raised.  Your hair will lose moisture quickly and react by becoming more frizzier to warm humid environments.


  1. Deep conditioning treatment

Conditioner with plastic bag with a towel around it or steamer will raise cuticles conditioner will absorb and close cuticles by rinsing

  1. Protein treatment

You can make your own  protein treatment with a raw egg mixed with a moisturising natural oil like Monshea shea oil or Monshea hair oil.

  1. Sleep with a satin or silk scarf or  pillowcase to maintain moisture in your hair
  1. Moisturise with natural oils that offer benefits for your hair type.
  1. Plait hair before sleeping will minimise frizziness, and reduces friction.

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