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What causes my hair to be dry?



0k, so you have invested a lot of time and money in breaking your budget to buy this amazing moisturizing oil that will not only make your hair feel really soft and shiny, 

You are anticipating all the compliments you are going to get and even practice the modest responses you will give to people in the mirror, while shaking your moisturised tresses that kooks so good that people will think you are sporting a weave or a wig.

The reality is after shampooing it, conditioning it, sealing it made no lasting difference at all your hair is as dry as ever


Simply put the oil is NOT moisturising enough.

How can you know what is? A little bit of research. Yes what is more important your time or your money?

Oleic fatty acid is the moisturising and absorbent ingredient in natural oils.

The higher the percentage of Oleic oil therefore the more moisturising & absorbing.your selection of oil

Which is most  moisturising out of these 9  popular natural oils

Castor oil       Oleic acid‎: ‎2 – 6%

Coconut oil   Oleic oil 6.5%

Black seed oil  Oleic acid (23.4%)

Argan Oil Oleic Acid 43-49.

Mango butter (from the seed) is 46% oleic acid

Shea oil Oleic acid 56%

Avocado oil Oleic acid 55.0 - 75.0 %


So Mango butter, Shea oil and Avocado oil are the most moisturising in the above list

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