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What is best for your skin, a moisturiser or an oil?


What is best for your skin, a moisturiser or an oil?


The use of face coverings, central heating and the colder weather, longer and hotter showers  are all contributors that makes our skin look and feel dry.


What is the best thing to restore or retain moisture?


Should you use a moisturizer or a natural oil?


What is the difference?


What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer contains water (normally the largest ingredient), oils and emulsifiers (this binds water and oil together).

According to moisturizers help with dry skin for a pretty simple reason: they supply a little bit of water to the skin and contain a greasy substance that holds it in

Moisturizers are designed to be hydrating.

What is an Oil?

An oil is occlusive. It helps to  block or stop the evaporation of water from your skin. Natural Oils like Shea butter, Shea oil, Almond oil or coconut oil are natural  examples of an  Occlusive.


A very popular form is Petroleum which you see in products or probably used in the past in the for of Vaseline.


The composition of some oils (Shea butter, Shea oil) makes it more absorbent so when you use it your face will not look greasy but feel tight & dry underneath. Than others. i.e. Coconut oil is a popular moisturising oil, but it is not absorbing, your skin will look oily but still feel dry underneat

So what is the best thing for your skin?

Our skin  needs water/ moisture to prevent it from being dry or flaky.


A good moisturizer should do  that.

 If your skin feels dry, up your water intake and also consider  topping up  your moisturizer by using a natural oil of your choice.

Alternatively if you want to keep things super simple,   using your  rich natural oils like Shea butter or  Pure Shea oil   on your skin when damp .


Do you want to use a natural oil as part of your skin care regime?


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