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Should you use a moisturiser or an oil?

Should you use a moisturiser or a facial oil?

The use of face coverings,  heating and the weather can contribute to make your skin feeling and looking  drier. 
What should you use to help it, a moisturizer or an oil? What is the difference?

What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer is a humectant.
This means it draws water from the environment or product itself. This light formula contains water, oils and emulsifiers (this binds water and oil together).
Moisturizers are designed to be hydrating. 

What is an Oil?

An oil is an occlusive. It helps to seal moisture. Oils are from plants, so they are a pure alternative as they do not, or should not contain  toxic ingredients.
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Oils are moisturising, however some oils are more moisturising than others. i.e Coconut oil is a popular moisturising oil, but  it is not absorbing, your skin will look oily but still feel dry underneath.

So what should you use?

The hydration from a cream topped up with the moisture of a facial oil is the ideal. You are then hydrating and moisturising your skin.
If you  prefer  to use a facial oil apply when your skin is damp to gain  more hydration.
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