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Is Youth wasted on the young?

It is easy to fall into the trap of valuing your life as 'better' in the past now that you approach a time when life can be more challenging due to physical changes that come with age.


However if we always focus in the past, it undervalues all the accomplishments, friendships. experiences and knowledge that you have gained since then.

Remember age is life and life is change!

Every page in your book of your life is worth reading.

Not just one chapter!


Yes you may have challenges bought about by menopause or other health or ageing concerns

But when you were young you had challenges too.

They were just different.

You figured it out then, so you can figure it out again too.

. So even if you think youth is wasted on the young, demonstrate the  wisdom that is acquired by the old with the decisions you make and the way you view yourself.

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