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How to prevent dry skin on your face, for baby & during pregnancy

How to prevent dry skin causes on your face, for baby & during pregnancy



Dry Skin & Its Causes

The causes of dry skin can be divided into External factors and Internal factors. Let us look at the causes of dry skin:


External factors

  • Environmental i.e. Harsh weather conditions like heat and cold dries out skin
  • Soap can have a huge impact on dry skin as according to our skin is acid 4.2- 5.5 and most soaps are alkali. 9-12 once it is out of its PH it loses water and hydration fast.
  • Soap contains surfactant which means it  can remove our natural sebum ie the natural oils.  The more skin is scrubbed with soap and hard sponges or wash nets, the more oil is removed resulting in ……yes dry skin!
  • Ingredients like parabens, triclosan,fragrance sulphates will also cause your face and body to have dry skin.
  • Washing of hands and overuse of the hand sanitisers can cause dry and cracked skin
  • Moisturisers, are designed to hydrate the skin. Products that contain ingredients like lanolin,  isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil and or petroleum tend to sit on top of the skin and not absorbent is so the skin has a tendency to still feel tight and dry underneath.
  • Hard water  Minerals in hard water makes it very difficult for your soap or shampoo to dissolve, This can encourage the use of more product, (in order to get a lather) which in turn means that when rinsing you will still be left with a residue of product on your skin. This can cause dry itchy, irritated skin,


Internal Factors

  • Family history of asthma. Eczema or atopic dermatitis increases likelihood of experiencing dry skin conditions
  • Eczema, psoriasis and diabetes can lead to de hydration and  consequently dries skin out
  • It can be a reaction medication
  • Ageing skin tends to become thinner and subsequently more prone to dryness, hormone changes has the same affect
  • Poor diet and eating disorders, malnutrition causes dry skin
  • Limit consumption of caffeinated drinks and alcohol


How to Prevent Dry Skin?

  • Try to avoid bathing   in hot water in order not to strip away natural oils
  • Use non biological washing powder
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day to hydrate skin
  • Healthy diet containing fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables which contain silica which helps moisture and elasticity of skin
  • Avoid moisturisers that are perfumed
  • Apply moisturiser to damp skin rather than dry as it will help to seal and lock in the moisture better
  • Use of Monshea ™Shea butter or Monshea ™shea oil naturally contains vitamins, essential fatty acids is  hypoallergenic , possesses excellent moisturising properties and is suitable for Eczema and other dry skin conditions.
  • Herbs like chamomile, peppermint can be mixed with hot water to make an internal dry skin preventative

Dry Skin in Babies

Baby skin is extra sensitive so can be susceptible to dryness

Newborn babies go through many changes in the first few weeks of life. A common physical change is the skin peels which can be a concern for parents. This is due to the process that is taking place as the baby adjusts from the surroundings of the amniotic fluid to the drier climate outside the womb. Limiting the frequency of baths and the use of lotions will assist in this.


Vernix caseosa which is the thin waxy film that covers newborn skin is a mixture of dead skin cells and skin gland secretions.

Cradle Cap (infantile seborrheic dermatitis) is recognizable by the large yellow or brown scales that appears in the babies’ scalp. The causes of cradle cap are not clear, but it is linked to the sebaceous glands which produce an oily substance called sebum.




Cradle cap can clear up in its own time, but you can gently wash babies hair and scalp will help to reduce the buildup of the scales and gently massaging oil on the scalp like Monshea ™shea oil will help to loosen the crusts.


Causes of Dry Skin in Pregnancy


Skin may become drier during pregnancy due to surging pregnancy hormones   which can make skin produce more oil, leading to acne.

Attempting to resolve this by washing more often will contribute having to dry skin.


At times the contrast can also be the case when the hormones causes the skin to produce less oil which causes dry skin and lack of elasticity.

Dry skin can also occur in pregnancy when as a result of loss of body fluids. Pregnancy requires more fluids as usual to keep up with the increasing blood supply (blood is over 50% water) and the developing baby’s’ requirements, insufficient intake of fluids therefore can contribute to having dry skin.

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Prevention of dry skin causes


General steps should be implemented to combat dry skin.

  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day
  • Eat plenty of fruit and green leafy vegetables containing vitamin C, A and proteins
  • Use a mild soap or cleanser to bathe
  • Use a moisturizing oils that does not contain alcohol, perfumes or petroleum like Monshea ™ shea butter or Monshea™ Shea oil   which improves the appearance of stretch marks and helps to lock moisture into the skin.    


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