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9 reasons why the menopause causes your skin to become dry?

Menopause is said to start 12 months after your last period.  
1.The changes on your skin during menopause, is at the result of declining oestrogen and collagen levels.

2.Ostrogen is the hormone that maintains the reproductive and female characteristics.

3. Declining oestrogen lowers the body's ability to retain moisture.

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4.Collagen is the most abundant protein in your  body and is found in the connective tissues and cartilage.

5. Oestrogen stimulates collagen , declining production results in dry and itchy skin.

6.The reduction of collagen causes the skin to sag and creases in the skin.

7. Oestrogen affects the production of melanin which can cause hyper pigmentation or accentuate age spots.

To combat these issues , no matter what your regime was in your younger past. To help your skin look youthful, please invest SPF sun protection  to apply on your skin after applying  a rich  moisturising oil, you can get some available here 

 This will help provide you with moisturising solutions, as you journey through the menopause, which jelp your skin look youthful and radian despite your age.

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