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Covid-19 : How to prevent your hands from getting dry,


In order to reduce the transmission of Covid- 19, (Coronovirus) means that now, more than ever there  is a determination to keep up with a regime to  keep our hands clean. 

A strict hand washing or hand sanitizing regime is regarded as an important step to minimise the spread of some Covid-19.

However, the outcome of this regime can be dry or  even sore hands.

 What can you do to prevent your hands from getting in this predicament? washing hands

  1. Do follow the World health organisation recommendation of using a hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol.  A hand sanitizer containing this formula can make your hands dry, but it is a proven and tested effective formula. Always follow up with a good moisturiser (see below).

  2. In order to prevent your hands from getting dry, do not use a hand sanitizer  made with essential oils or other natural oils only. It may leave your hands more moisturised, but  without seeing any evidence how do you know that sanitizer is effective?

3.Do use natural or organic soaps. The surfactant (which is produced in the soap making process) breaks down grease.

Washing hands constantly means natural oil (sebum) is washed away, causing dry hands.

Natural soaps made with Shea butter, coconut oils  or other natural oils are more moisturising so will minimise the drying effects occurred generally when using soap.

A liquid soap is more hygienic than using a soap bar, however once you wash your hands with a soap bar  for 20 seconds, any germs will be washed away with it. 

4.As.60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our blood system according to. Avoid ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triclosan, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance or Ethyl Alcohol  in your soaps and or sanitizers 

 These can be linked to contributing to dry skin, allergies or be carcinogenic. Research the ingredients or sign up to a database that explains what the ingredients  are in your products.


.shea butter

5. The battle of dry hands can be defeated if you use a rich moisturising, absorbing product. Look for products that act as an Occlusive, they prevent moisture being lost through the outer or lower layers of the skin.

They tend to be greasy Petrolatum jelly, Lanolin, mineral oil for example Shea butter and Shea oil are natural occlusive and more absorbing.

6.Also choose products that act as emollients these helps to soften the skin and acts as a barrier preventing water loss.

A typical emollient would be Palm oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter and Shea oil.