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4 ways to help Menopause hair.

Menopause and your hair

The less we have of something the more we can appreciate it this can be our time, or money but today I want to talk about your hair!


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During the menopause, your hair starts to thin. Menopause officially starts 12 months after your last period, the day after that you are in post menopause.

The reduction of estrogen levels leave your hair feeling fine, & shorter than it used to be. This is because your hair has a shorter growing phase, and your hair follicles produces new hair that is more fragile and finer than it used to.

 So, what can you do about this:


  1. Well first step is not to worry

 Stress and anxiety can make your hair health worse. Worrying about it is counterproductive as it will contribute to further hair loss. Rather be practical.  It is vital that you have sufficient sleep to repair and renew your body. Be balanced and not overwork yourself in order to minimise stress in your lifestyle. If something is giving you anxiety, seek out support for it, if it is beyond your ability to change , focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot.


phytoestrogen food menopause



 A natural way of dealing with this would be having a diet rich in phytoestrogens. They act like estrogen in your body and help to raise the levels.

This can be food substance like fruit and vegetables i.e., sesame seeds flax seeds pomegranate apples cranberries carrot.  Meat and dairy and seafood also contain phytoestrogens.



Speak to a doctor or a trichologist for medical solutions or therapy regarding some sort or medical alternatives or products that may resolve your hair issues.


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Hair treatment

Dry hair, fine hair can break easier.

A moisturising oil like Monshea pure shea oil, Peppermint oil/scalp oil or hair oil (if your hair is thick, curly or coarse) as a daily or a hot oil treatment /deep conditioner.

It will absorb into your hair help it to be stronger, retain moisture that you lose from hair styling and blow drying and  provide a barrier from the sun.

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