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  • Do you regret something that you did NOT do in the past?

    Have you heard the ‘Chinese’ (not confirmed) proverb ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago? The second best time to act is now!

    There are different interpretations of that Proverb, but what I get from that is,
    Yes maybe you should of remained committed to a decision you made 20 years ago.
    But, you cannot change the past.
  • Do you have hyperpigmentation on your face?

    Have you had to live with dark patches of hyperpigmentation on your face for several years now? You finally got over acne but the battle against t...
  • Action needed to save Shea Parklands!

    Every year, West Africa loses approximately eight million trees due to tree removal for firewood, pressure from increasing populations, loss of fallows, and clearing of land for commercial agriculture. GSA reports that if the industry does not take action now, shea supply may not meet demand by 2044, meaning the shea harvest will no longer meet production needs for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Hair Products: How to buy the right hair products for frizzy, curly, or menopause hair!

    I know, I am not the only one who would spend a lot of time and money purchasing products that did not work for my hair!

    It got to the stage that I became so cynical that I did not think anything will work. Have you occasionally exceeded your budget on products based on many promises, but sadly they still  did not fulfil them?

    Why does this keep happening?


  • 30 Benefits of Pure Shea oil

    Pure Shea oil is extracted from Shea nut. It can also be fractionated from Shea butter. This little-known natural oil is amazing ! Here are 30 reas...
  • 6 reasons why menopausal women should still moisturise in the summer!

    Is there a need to moisturise your skin in the Summer? 

    The benefits of keeping your skin moisturised during the Winter is indisputable. But are you wasting your time and money in having a regime of moisturising your skin and hair during the summer?

    Find out below!

  • 4 ways to help Menopause hair.

    The less we have of something the more we can appreciate it this can be our time, or money but today I want to talk about your hair! 
  • Why do natural products cost more?

    Have you wondered why natural products cost more and whether natural beauty products are better? Do you love the idea of using natural products, but you find the price prohibitive, you just do not want to take the ‘punt’ only to discover another addition for your collection of unused!
  • Is Youth wasted on the young?

    Have you fallen into the trap of valuing your life as being 'better'  when you were young?
  • 9 reasons why the menopause causes your skin to become dry?

    Menopause is said to start 12 months after your last period.  1.The changes on your skin during menopause, is at the result of declining oestrogen...
  • Have you become blinded to your beauty?

    We know real beauty is inner beauty. Our physical beauty can be enhanced by lifestyle decisions.Are you so blind to your real beauty that you judge...
  • What is best for your skin, a moisturiser or an oil?

      What is best for your skin, a moisturiser or an oil?   The use of face coverings, central heating and the colder weather, longer and hotter sh...